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An accountant is only as good as the services they provide. We’re committed to getting the best results for you, no matter your needs.

Freeing up your precious business time

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What do you need to resolve when you have a problem, query, or issue? Expertise. Thankfully we’ve got that in bucketloads.

We’re passionate about helping you with whatever you need us for. Stuck under mountains of paperwork? No problem. Tax return getting weighing you down? Send it our way.

Annual accounts

We’ll get your accounts done and dusted well ahead of the deadline, allowing you a chance to breathe, take stock, and draw up those plans.

Company tax return

It’s simply not worth the risk of getting your company tax return wrong. We’ll give you back your time and save you stress by completing it on time and in great detail.

Personal tax registration

You need to be registered to pay tax in the UK. Sometimes this can be tricky, and you don’t want to annoy HMRC. Let us help get you set up and in good working order.

Personal tax preperation

We’ll help you plan and prepare to minimise your tax bill, save you time and effort, and leave you with a strong foothold on your personal and business life.


In our time in business, one thing is always crystal clear – it simply isn’t worth not paying your staff correctly. Get a proper PAYE scheme and take care of your team.


Complicated, multi-layered, and ever-changing – VAT has the potential to leave you feeling completely burnt out. Let us help you; your VAT stress will be a thing of the past.

“Helpful, supportive & friendly accounting”

“Having started a LTD company in early 2020 after being a sole trader, Chris has helped me navigate the changes in requirements clearly and concisely and doesn’t make me feel like he’s blinding me with accountancy science!

He and the team are always quick to respond and, most importantly, are proactive in making sure I’m on time with anything they need.

Can’t recommend them highly enough.”


Nic | March 2021

Simple tax returns?

There’s finally a solution!

Tax Warrior delivers hassle-free tax returns whether you’re a limited company, a freelancer, self employed or sole trader – all for one simple fixed monthly fee.