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  • Whether you’re a limited company or a sole trader just starting out – Tax Warrior has you covered.

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Let Tax Warrior complete your tax return for you.

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Why use Tax Warrior? >

We’ll be on your side, no matter what the day offers you. Life will seem much sweeter once your accounting has been taken care of, your tax sorted, and your business is moving in the right direction.

There’s no need to feel stuck ever again – we’ll be there when you need us most, offering guidance and expertise wherever we can.

In a world where everything is instant…

Why can’t your accountant be instant too?

What we do >

Limited Companies

Working with your company and supporting you throughout the year.

Sole Traders

Free up time and leave the daunting tax stuff to us, so you can get on with what you love.

“Helpful, supportive & friendly accounting”

“Having started a LTD company in early 2020 after being a sole trader, Chris has helped me navigate the changes in requirements clearly and concisely and doesn’t make me feel like he’s blinding me with accountancy science!

He and the team are always quick to respond and, most importantly, are proactive in making sure I’m on time with anything they need.

Can’t recommend them highly enough.”


Nic | March 2021

Simple tax returns?

There’s finally a solution!

Tax Warrior delivers hassle-free tax returns whether you’re a limited company, a freelancer, self employed or sole trader – all for one simple fixed monthly fee.